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"Swimming has always been a part my life... and it takes a Village to help communities move forward!"

My love for swimming began over 30 years ago, when my parents introduced me to the water. It was then, that My Swim Village started to form!  I learned how to swim joined swim teams, became a life guard and swim instructor, then aquatic educator and advocate.

In 2012, I started the Black Girl Swim blog, telling my story as that black girl who loves to swim. I also wanted to share stories, black aquatic stories that would help increase representation of black folks in swimming and aquatics!

I wanted my work in aquatics to have an impact on the black community as a whole. So, in 2018 I began My Swim Village, LLC to help increase representation, participation, and pride in the Black American community!

It truly takes a VILLAGE to help communities move forward and that is what My Swim Village is here to do! 

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