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Hey There!!
I'm Dr. Asherah Allen

In 2012, I was in search of a community of other Black people who loved swimming as much as I did and I had a desire to promote positive black representation in the aquatic community. I created a blog called, Black Girl Swim and started writing my swimming experiences!  But, it was about the Black Community as a whole. All of us can benefit from aquatics and strong, positive community. My Swim Village was created to be that community! 

I am so excited about My Swim Village and hope to spread knowledge and provide amazing aquatic experiences and opportunities for the community. Whether or not you are just getting started in your journey of learning to swim or looking to find of community of swimmers who look like you, My Swim Village is here to be that aquatics community for you! ​


All About Dr. Allen

Dr. Asherah Allen was raised on Decatur, Georgia and has always had a love for learning and creativity. She also developed a love for being in and around the water. Her parents in of introduced her to swimming at a very early age and stressed the importance of learning to swim. Dr. Allen was influenced by friends and family who were experienced swimmers, lifeguards, and swim instructors. They encouraged her to embrace aquatics and to take advantage of all that it has to offer! With a huge amount of encouragement and support from her family and friends, she understands how important it is to have a supportive village in swimming, because it can be hard.


 Dr. Allen has been a certified lifeguard, swim instructor, educator, and advocate for over 20 years and believes that building our village will help reduce the disparities for Black Americans in aquatics! Dr. Allen believes that your village begins with your family and as a wife, mother, a creative, and educator, she enjoys her work and tries to maintain a healthy life balance.


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